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One of the most powerful lessons I teach is how to form healthy relationships. When you find the right person, having learned these specific skills can help you strengthen your love over a lifetime and avoid many of the common pitfalls couples face that can lead to divorce or loss of interest in their partner over time.  

I teach a proprietary set of relationship skills that are designed to take you from first date to loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.  If you are already in a relationship, these skills will strengthen your love and give you confidence you are with the right partner for long-term commitment.

These skills are based on science and my coaching experience in helping thousands of people find love.  Get crystal clear instructions on how to form loving relationships and fall in love for a lifetime.

The classes are meant to be taken in order and build upon each other.  Each class includes an online course and group coaching.  At the conclusion of the class you have a one-on-one dating assessment and follow up private call.  

Understand how to form Healthy Relationships
This class is perfect for you if you want specific, clear advice on thoughts and behaviors that create love between you and your partner. Let me decode and simplify forming healthy, loving relationships. You have more power than you think you do!
  • Uncover the four lies that can destroy your ability to create a healthy relationship. Watch me debunk each lie and replace it with a powerful truth that helps you find love!
  • Partner Selection -Break the pattern. ​Understand why you are so deeply attracted to certain negative personality types that aren't capable of a long-term relationship and learn how to break that pattern.
  • ​​Master new dating habits to repel toxic people. These same skills also attract high quality dates and foster a healthy relationship. By simply changing your habits, good partners will like you and toxic people will run away. Double win!
  • Discover the #1 action to fall in love for a lifetime.
2nd Class:  The Sacred Self
Love Yourself While Falling In Love  
The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.  How you treat yourself is how your partner will treat you long-term: they mirror and reinforce your core beliefs.  In this class, I teach the most vital skills for forming a healthy relationship with yourself.  Get ready for long-lasting love by learning how to express your needs and wants, set boundaries, master fear, and create a life of pleasure and joy!  Don't loose your identity in a relationship.  Learn how to be your best self in love.
  • Debunk your negative thoughts about dating, your self-worth, and your ability to find a life-long, loving partner. Identify what you keep telling yourself that is sabotaging your ability to form a loving connection with someone.  Learn a specific methodology to talk back to thoughts and replace them with healthy thought patterns that make falling in love with someone easier.
  • Set ​good boundaries.  Learn my methodology to effectively set limits, say no, or get your needs met without causing a fight with your partner.  You will strengthen your love by using this method.
  • Master your fear.  One of the hardest parts of finding love is allowing yourself to be fully open and vulnerable to accept love from a healthy person.  Master your fear of intimacy to deeply connect and fall in love with your partner.
  • Intentionally create a life of pleasure and joy!  Fall in love with yourself.  Know what makes you happy and share that joy with your partner.  Happy people are attractive.  Let me show you how with my methodology for creating a life of pleasure and joy.  Practicing receiving pleasure makes it easier to receive pleasure from your partner in a healthy relationship.
3rd Class:  Love That Lasts A Lifetime
A Love that continuously grows with time
Discover the skills to create your best life with your life partner or spouse!  Effectively resolve conflict, have great sex and romantic intimacy, and blend your two lives together with my three most powerful methodologies that make love last a lifetime.  You want to learn these skills and practice them now, so when 'the one' comes along, you are completely ready for love.
  • Fight in a way that fosters love and intimacy. ​Yes!  You can actually fall more deeply in love when you fight with your partner.  Fighting is a form of intimacy and when you follow my methodology for fighting, you not only resolve conflict effectively, you learn about your partners value system and problem solving skills. 
  • ​​Sex and Intimacy.  What makes a romantic relationship different from a friendship? Great Sex! Discover how to connect physically with someone you love and trust. I also talk about vulnerability, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal, and physical touch.
  • Visioning. Want to spend of the rest of your life with someone? Learn my methodology for effectively blending two lives together.  Set goals, manage fear, understand each others skills, and create your best life as a married couple or as life partners!
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