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Grow into the person who is capable of loving someone for a lifetime with the Dating to Get Married relationship skills.


Date only people capable and ready for long, lasting love! Recognize these awesome partners using the Dating to Get Married partner selection skills.


Date, fall in love, get married, or find your life partner!  
This is exactly what my past clients did to find love.
According to a recent survey...

68% are in the best relationship of their lives!
74% of people completed the class. (Industry standard is 30% completion)
98% recommend it to a friend.
100% say they clearly understand how to create a healthy relationship.
4.8 out of 5 was the overall rating of the class

Please note that the people that took this course and answered this survey worked hard to achieve these results.  They watched every science video about how love works, thought introspectively about answering every question in the journal exercises, read and highlighted all the dating guides, did the meditations (sometimes twice!), and approached dating as a chance to practice and master skills using my dating exercises.   They fundamentally changed their approach to dating and forming relationships because of this program.  It is essential to put work in to get results!  If you just want a matchmaker to set you up on dates, this is not the right program for you.
Although I cannot promise, for legal reasons, you will absolutely find someone if you take the course...

I do offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  

If you take the course, don't like it, or don't think it is a fit for you...

If you don't think it will help you find love... 

You can send me an email at and get a full refund.  No questions asked.  

Why do I do this?  I know you are going to love it! 


The Full Suite of Classes in the Dating to Get Married Program

In the next 6 months, take Breakthrough to Love, The Sacred Self, and Love that Lasts a Lifetime in group classes.  Get a 9 month pass to the online courses.  Scroll Down for course information.  

15 Group Coaching Classes

For each class, we will dive deep into the skills as a class sharing our experiencing in a catered learning experience.  Many people really appreciate the support, insight, and inspiration they get from their classmates (both men and women).  Scroll Down for more information and dates.  

3 Private Coaching Sessions

Let's meet one-on-one and develop your specific plan to find love. Each session is 1 hour and you can ask me any dating or relationship question.  We will dive deep into what specific skills you need to practice to create long-lasting love!
1st Class: Breakthrough to Love

DATE: Sundays, November 13, 2022 - December 11, 2022 (5 sessions)
TIME: 8 PM E, 7 PM C, 6 PM M, 5 PM P

Understand how to form Healthy Relationships
This class is perfect for you if you want specific, clear advice on thoughts and behaviors that create love between you and your partner. Let me decode and simplify forming healthy, loving relationships. You have more power than you think you do!
  • Uncover the four lies that can destroy your ability to create a healthy relationship. Watch me debunk each lie and replace it with a powerful truth that helps you find love!
  • Partner Selection -Break the pattern. ​Understand why you are so deeply attracted to certain negative personality types that aren't capable of a long-term relationship and learn how to break that pattern.
  • ​Understand why you are single. Do you ever think any of these thoughts? 1. There are no good people left to date. 2. Why do my dates pull away right when I fall for them? or 3. I miss my ex... they are so much better than the person I am dating now.  These thoughts are linked to different attachment strategies that get activated in early dating.  We use these thoughts to STOP us from falling in love.  Let me show you a better way to deal with fear and anxiety in early dating and finally get to a more healthy reaction to experiencing intimacy and connection.  Grow love slowly over time in a healthy way with these behaviors I will teach you.
  • ​​Master new dating habits to repel toxic people. These same skills also attract high quality dates and foster a healthy relationship. By simply changing your habits, good partners will like you and toxic people will run away. Double win!
  • Discover the #1 action to fall in love for a lifetime.
2nd Class:  The Sacred Self

DATE: Sundays, January 15, 2023 - February 12, 2023 (5 sessions)
TIME: 8 PM E, 7 PM C, 6 PM M, 5 PM P

Love Yourself While Falling In Love  
The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.  How you treat yourself is how your partner will treat you long-term: they mirror and reinforce your core beliefs.  In this class, I teach the most vital skills for forming a healthy relationship with yourself.  Get ready for long-lasting love by learning how to express your needs and wants, set boundaries, master fear, and create a life of pleasure and joy!  Don't lose your identity in a relationship.  Learn how to be your best self in love.
  • Debunk your negative thoughts about dating, your self-worth, and your ability to find a life-long, loving partner. Identify what you keep telling yourself that is sabotaging your ability to form a loving connection with someone.  Learn a specific methodology to talk back to thoughts and replace them with healthy thought patterns that make falling in love with someone easier.
  • Set ​good boundaries.  Learn my methodology to effectively set limits, say no, or get your needs met without causing a fight with your partner.  You will strengthen your love by using this method.
  • Master your fear.  One of the hardest parts of finding love is allowing yourself to be fully open and vulnerable to accept love from a healthy person.  Master your fear of intimacy to deeply connect and fall in love with your partner.
  • Intentionally create a life of pleasure and joy!  Fall in love with yourself.  Know what makes you happy and share that joy with your partner.  Happy people are attractive.  Let me show you how with my methodology for creating a life of pleasure and joy.  Practicing receiving pleasure makes it easier to receive pleasure from your partner in a healthy relationship.
3rd Class:  Love That Lasts A Lifetime

DATE: Sundays, March 26, 2023 - April 23, 2023 (5 sessions)
TIME: 8 PM E, 7 PM C, 6 PM M, 5 PM P

A Love that continuously grows with time
Discover the skills to create your best life with your life partner or spouse!  Effectively resolve conflict, have great sex and romantic intimacy, and blend your two lives together with my three most powerful methodologies that make love last a lifetime.  You want to learn these skills and practice them now, so when 'the one' comes along, you are completely ready for love.
  • Fight in a way that fosters love and intimacy. ​Yes!  You can actually fall more deeply in love when you fight with your partner.  Fighting is a form of intimacy and when you follow my methodology for fighting, you not only resolve conflict effectively, you learn about your partners value system and problem solving skills. 
  • ​​Sex and Intimacy.  What makes a romantic relationship different from a friendship? Great Sex! Discover how to connect physically with someone you love and trust. I also talk about vulnerability, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal, and physical touch.
  • Visioning. Want to spend of the rest of your life with someone? Learn my methodology for effectively blending two lives together.  Set goals, manage fear, understand each other's skills, and create your best life as a married couple or as life partners!
Group Sessions 
Have you noticed a trend in my coaching style?  I always want you to practice the skills with other people.  These curated experiences of interacting with other like-minded people to learn skills, not only helps reinforce the lesson, it gives you confidence to try the skill with a dating partner.  When you already have your first attempt out of the way in the group, you increase the probability you will succeed on a date.  

Being part of a group also helps you connect and feel safe when practicing.  When you feel supported by healthy people, you are less vulnerable when selecting dating partners.  Community support increases the likelihood you will be open for love when dating, select a good person, and create a healthy relationship!   

How does it work?  Each week you will complete a lesson in the online course and then attend a group call that reinforces that lesson and helps you practice the skill.  

I have perfected this process over years of being a dating coach with hundreds of clients to get you a specific result and outcome.  This is a phenomenal opportunity to learn from others taking the course and witnessing life-changing growth in just a few short weeks!  
Private Coaching, Dating Assessment, and Personalized Plan
After you complete each course and have all the essential terminology and knowledge, let's dive deep on how to apply this to your specific dating situation.  I will build a personalized plan looking at your dating history and skill set and recommend specific actions and steps for you to develop healthy relationships that last.  

How does it work?  Meet with me for a coaching session where I listen to your concerns and develop the plan.  I will provide specific dating exercises for you to practice over the next month to get better outcomes on dates and in relationships.  After you complete the second and the third class, we will meet again on applying those skills.  Each session is 1 hour.

Many people have had amazing breakthrough "ah-ha" moments in my personalized coaching sessions and formed healthy relationships from following this process.  Here are some testimonials below:
"You cannot ask for a better guide on your journey to find your soulmate"
"Emily has changed my life profoundly. I am forever indebted to her for showing me the skills needed to find one's soulmate. I am a happy person today because of her. She taught me the skills needed to identify and debunk negative thoughts, setting boundaries and dealing with fear that was subconsciously sabotaging my dating life. Emily deeply cares about her clients. She is one of the most kind and compassionate people I know. Her empathy for others truly comes across as she teaches some of the most important skills needed: To own your identity, to protect your sacred self, be less needy and be happy. All the ingredients needed to both find and sustain soulmate love. I promise you this will be one of the few life altering decisions you will make. You still will need to do the hard work of learning the skills. It is not easy to rewire if your brain has set to using negative coping skills. Emily will show the door, but you will still need to to walk through it and trust the process and give it your all in. Good luck on your journey. You cannot ask for a better guide - KG"
"An incredible dating coach - backed by science AND experience"
"Emily A is an incredible coach. After experiencing an abusive relationship, she was able to help guide me through the process of healthy dating and learning relationship skills to maintain healthy partnerships. She's completely changed my life and outlook on dating and relationships! I have much more clarity on my self, my values, and self-efficacy in my ability to maintain a soulmate relationship."
"...I highly recommend it and it really changed my way of seeing life"
"I've been dating a guy and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted and we are now starting a relationship. It is wonderful the way he talks to me about his feelings, it is like listening to the Dating to Get Married Program mediation when I was talking to my soulmate. I loved meeting you and being in your program, I highly recommend it and it really changed my way of seeing life and it helped me to know myself better. I always remember what I have learned every day. I appreciate this opportunity very much and I know that I will continue to take advantage of your teachings.""
"Simply the BEST!"
"I am counting my lucky stars that I discovered Emily Avagliano and the Dating to Get Married course. I had been struggling for years on the dating scene and grappling with all its complexities. From the very start, with the 5-Day Free Dating Challenge that Emily offered I learned more from her in one session than I ever thought imaginable. I was so impressed with Emily's scope of knowledge and her tremendous passion for teaching and her genuine interest and care that I signed on for the Dating to Get Married Course.

I can truly say that going through and completing the course levels that I now feel well equipped to navigate the dating world in a more knowledgeable and dignified way. In addition, my one on one coaching sessions with Emily this past year have been completely mind blowing in how she is able to pinpoint issues and give rock solid and much valued advice. I am so grateful to have her as my dating coach.

The dating world would be a better place if more people took advantage of all that Emily has to offer. I highly recommend her. She gets a 5+ Star rating from me!!!”
Wait!  Want another bonus?  

Just my way of saying thanks for reading this far down the webpage!

How about a 6 month pass to The Dating Lab!

Date and Socialize
Wouldn't it be nice if you could date people that had the desire to be in a relationship?  I'm talking about people that invested in themselves and want to learn the skills to create a soulmate type love with their partner.

When you join the dating lab, you not only get many opportunities to practice dating and master key relationship skills, you also get to socialize and meet a community of people that have these same skills that makes forming healthy relationships easy and fun!  

How does it work?  When you attend an event with your membership and meet someone you like, just follow up with them on the messaging platform.  You can send them messages, call, or video chat, all without releasing your personal information or phone number.  You can also use the platform to meet new friends, ask dating questions to the community, and post content.  The messaging platform also allows you to block individuals.

People that take my courses range in age from late 20s to early 70s and live in major cities across the United States.   There are more women than men and the ratio can vary with classes.  LBGTQ is welcomed.  Some people want to get married and some are looking for a lifelong partnership.

Although I do not guarantee you will meet someone that lives in your specific city or is within your desired age range, I know you will meet nice people that can inspire you and demonstrate that good people are out there.  All the skills you learn in this lab can help you find someone local to date and interacting with people that want love and commitment helps support that process of creating a loving, long-lasting relationship whether you met them here or by another method.
Practice Dating
Has this ever happened to you where you thought the date was going amazing and then the person didn't call you back for a second date?

Want to know why?

Try my Mock Dating and get thoughtful and supportive feedback on your first impressions on a date.  By practicing dating with people in this group, you get real insight into your word choice, posture, and overall first impression.  Sometimes it's just the way you say something that can turn off or give the wrong idea to your date.  Knowing this information is valuable, especially in early dating.

With the Dating Conversations Workshop, we dive deeper into common questions asked in early dating.  Ever heard this one..."Why are you still single?"  Let an experienced dating coach help you craft the perfect answer.

In this workshop, you will learn how to answer commonly asked questions that can derail a date.  I will also teach you how to ask and answer questions that can create a spark and deeper connection on dates.
  • Dating Questions: Get a list of great dating questions to ask that create connection and great conversations.
  • ​Dating Confidence: Formulate your answers to tough dating questions with an experienced dating coach
  • ​Dating Insight: Get feedback on your first impression and the answers you created during the workshop in breakout sessions with other people taking the course. People love this aspect of the workshop, as they get fantastic insight they might not have recognized on their own.
Monthly Workshops
Having trouble crafting the perfect online dating profile?  Want Emily's best tips for how to flirt?  

When you purchase the dating lab today, each month you will practice skills that help you form healthy, long-lasting relationships.  

When you purchase today, you also get access to replays of past workshops! Check out Flirting 101, Gamify Your Date, and Craft the Perfect Online Dating Profile.
Monthly LIVE Q&A session 
Have a dating question for Emily?  Want to get great advice on your specific situation? Join this group session once a month and hear Emily answer questions about dating and relationships.   Get inspired and connect with other singles as they ask complex questions about dating and the information presented in the challenge.

Clients often say how impactful it is to not only get your questions answered but hear the voices of others struggling with the same issues. Go on and flex that empathy muscle for the opposite sex and deeply connect with someone else.
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