It all starts with 
an embarrassing story...
I struggled to make a connection and fall in love with a nice man.
I have to be honest. I wasn’t always an expert at love.

In my mid-thirties, I was totally in love with a guy name Chris. Our relationship started out great. Chris showered me with gifts, admiration, and even love letters. He pursued me so strongly I thought, “This is the one. Finally!”

Before Chris, I was really scared that I had missed out on my chance to fall in love and start a family. I started to notice that the older I got, the more frustrating dating became. When I went to parties or bars, fewer men approached me or asked for my number. If I did go on a date, I thought the guy was weird, too nice, or there was no spark.

Chris made me feel attractive, desired. I hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. But after a few months of dating Chris, he started to pull away. I did not want to return to the singles scene knowing how painful dating had become, so I tempted him with a free trip to Mexico for my friend’s wedding.
I really wanted this to work. 

I felt so attracted to him. I thought the wedding on a beach in Mexico would be the perfect romantic setting to reconnect.

At the end of the trip, we were at the airport and my passport had expired. The airline would not let me board the plane to get back to the United States. Chris looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry but I have to go. Work needs me on Monday.”

He left me! In Mexico! On a trip I paid for!!! 

I was so embarrassed, so hurt. Luckily, one of my friends from the wedding had stayed an extra day and let me sleep in her hotel room. I cried so hard in my bed but was trying to be quiet. I did not want my friend to hear me in pain.
*This is not an actual photo of us, but this is how it felt to be around him.
I knew it was over between Chris and me. I never wanted my husband to disrespect me so badly and leave me in an airport and yet, I still wanted Chris! What was wrong with me? I just felt so sad that I couldn’t make it work out and that I would have to get back out there and date again.

And then I got angry. There had to be a better way to find love. Something based on facts. I had to know, “What was I doing wrong?”

At first, I looked at “relationship experts.” I read the book, "The Rules," which was all about being more feminine, mysterious, and never asking about how a guy felt about you or where the relationship was headed. Let him lead, and eventually he will ask you for marriage. Men like to pursue you, not the other way around.

This advice made me feel very sad and somehow smaller, like wearing a jacket two sizes too small. Did I really need to play such games and trick him into liking me?

Next, I bought "Attract Him Now” videos. These videos focused on understanding the male mind and exactly what a woman needs to say to get his heart to melt. The guy giving the class reminded me of Chris and he even admitted to being a “former” player.  Again, following this advice made me feel inauthentic. If I copied this guru’s text, wasn’t my date just falling in love with the guru and not me?
I thought about it a long time and decided to find my own answers.

With a professional career in engineering, I applied that scientific mindset to finding out how love works. I started reading scientific journals and books on psychology, physiology, neuroscience, genetics, and biochemistry. I discovered the key relationship skills that made soulmate love possible based on 30 years of research on thousands of happy couples.

I found the common theme of successful relationships and surprise, surprise: it has nothing to do with antiquated gender roles or superficial interactions based on ex-player love guru recommendations.

In addition to studying everything I could get my hands on when it came to love, I also found an amazing therapist who helped me understand what was holding me back from making a loving connection. 
To be honest, I struggled to overcome a sexual assault in my twenties that left me feeling numb. It was difficult for me to fall in love with a nice person.

By healing from my trauma, I learned about brain chemistry, how the brain stores memories, and how that affects your ability to love. I learned how to change my limiting beliefs, regulate my emotions, and change my body's physical response to be more receptive to love. I learned how to set boundaries, identify toxic people, and understand the characteristics of men capable of soulmate love.

Most importantly, I learned the essential relationship skills necessary to blend two lives together. I changed my behaviors and interactions on dates, and I started to feel more of a connection to safe, healthy, mature men. Each date was a learning opportunity to get better and better at the essential relationship skills...

Until eventually I met the love of my life, my husband Aaron!
Fast Forward to Now...
Every day I wake up and I am so excited to spend the day with my husband and son. We just keep getting stronger together. I am so thankful for the science that showed me how to create this powerful love and connection.

I believe that everyone deserves to find love, but not everyone knows how to create a lasting connection.
I am on a mission to spread the science of how love really works. I want everyone to feel the joy that I have with my family.

There was a time in my life that I felt I was never going to get married. It just wasn't going to happen for me. I understand your pain and also the science that makes that pain go away, making you more receptive to a loving amazing relationship. I am so grateful for my therapist that helped me transform and I love helping others do the same. It is like I am doubly blessed - finding my own love and experiencing the love all over again through the work of my clients. 

In 2017, I launched my first workshop in Munich, Germany and my online course in 2018. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of people, teaching them the necessary relationship skills to create soulmate love.   

Want to Fall in Love?

Just remember….
You are not stuck. You can learn new skills to greatly increase your chances of not only finding love, but sustaining those soulmate love feelings between you and your partner for a lifetime.

Science explains our brain chemistry, physical state, and our body's ability to be open and receptive to love. In my course, I will teach you things you can do to increase the feelings of connection in both you and your partner.

I will also teach you relationship skills based on 30 years of research on thousands of happy couples. In other words, I'll show you what works... the common theme of successful relationships.

Don’t wait another year to get the answer to, “Why am I single?” Invest in yourself and make your desire for love a reality. I get incredible results for a reason… my stuff is based on science and it works.

I want you to be my next raving fan! I want you to invite me to your wedding!

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