This is why Dating Sucks!
Ever heard the advice..."Just be yourself.  It will happen."

How about... "Be mysterious. Let him lead.  Be more feminine.  Don't mention commitment or ask him where the relationship is going?"

What about... "just wait to meet the right person and it will all magically happen."

You go on date after date, being as demure as possible, hoping to meet the right person...
and lots of jerks show up instead!  

So you try harder, and ask a friend to set you up.  You make a profile on an online dating site. You
go on a few more dates... and they all suck.  No connection.  No spark.

You may even start to blame yourself.  Why did I say that on the last date?  That is why he lost interest in me, I sent too many texts. I showed too much interest or not enough. I liked him a little too much or not enough.

I am not the right look. My hair is not the right color. I intimidate men and scare them off or I am way too shy and quite to make a connection.... I am just not the type of girl men find appealing and want to marry.

You might blame your circumstances. The men that want to be married have already found someone.
The men that are still single at this age are jerks or unappealing. I missed my chance at finding the right person. 

You might even give up. I am just going to take a little break before dating again. I need to heal after that last relationship. All men are....(negative adjective).  I am just going to be single for the rest of my life.

So, what is the antidote to all these crappy thoughts in your head?  How do you move past this and find love?
It's Not You...That Dating Advice Sucks!!!

Hope Is Not A Strategy

"Don't worry. It will just happen." 

You can lose valuable time following this advice if your goal is to have children. You don't have to be passive waiting around for love to find you.

There are things you can do today that can dramatically increase your chances of finding the one and starting a family!

Old Fashioned Dating Advice Ruins Your Chances for Soulmate Love

"Act mysterious!" 
"Play hard to get." 
"Don't ask him about commitment or where your relationship is headed." 
"Be more feminine." 

This advice follows a methodology that you have to act a certain way or be a certain feminine trope to receive love. But that only makes you feel like crap and ruins your self esteem, making it even harder for you to feel love and connection with another person. 

The advice also insinuates men must be trapped into love which sets you up in adversarial roles while dating. He can feel the tension that you want commitment right now which makes him hesitant to give it to you. 

It's time for a different solution based on the science of long-lasting relationships, not outdated gender roles.

Beauty Does Not Matter In Long Term Relationships

Sure, good looks can help you get more messages on online dating sites, more free drinks at a night club, or maybe even more initial dates in general but when it comes down to "I do!" ... good looks are not the deciding factor... relationship skills are. 

There are skills you can learn that can greatly increase your connection with someone! 

Finding the Perfect Guy is not Enough

Falling in love with a nice man ready for commitment is only half the battle. You have to know how to grow love and make it last! 

What happens when you fight? Are you getting your needs met in the relationship? How's the sex? And so much more... 

When it comes to making a relationship work, there are several essential relationship skills necessary to transform attraction into soulmate love.

It's time for a reality Check...
If you have been dating for a while and not gotten the results you want for a loving  relationship, maybe it is time you invested in a coach. 

When I was in my late 30s, I was scared that I had missed my chance on finding love  and having a family. It took guts to walk into my therapist’s office and take a hard look  at exactly what I was doing wrong. 

You can be an amazing person and still be clueless when it comes to doing the things it  takes to fall in love and create a meaningful relationship. 

Life is too short to live without love. If you want to be in a relationship, stop telling  yourself it is not possible and start figuring out how to do it. If you feel stuck, doing  the same things over and over again and getting the same results, it is time to ask for help. 

There is a pattern to successful relationships, behaviors that couples practice that keep  them staying together and falling more deeply in love with each year that passes. The behaviors are called relationship skills. The cool thing is that anyone can learn these skills and change, very quickly, their ability to create a meaningful relationship that 
lasts a lifetime.

The Dating to Get Married Program

I have spent 10 years researching relationship
skills and perfecting my program. I distilled the
science of psychology, physiology,  neuroscience, genetics, and biochemistry into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step program to transform my client’s approach to dating and help them find them the love they most desire. 

For my clients that may be intimidated by the  long laundry list of science topics included in the course, don’t let the word “science” scare you. If you enjoyed this website, you would love my program. It is easy to understand and based on scientific research that gets you results quickly. I break it down into actionable steps. “Science” just means the process is based on facts, research, and steps proven to work. 

The best part of the program is how quickly my  clients change and find love when they are given the right information about how love works. From my last workshop, 80% were in a relationship within two months and 50% had found the love of their life within one year. Yep, that quick! 

If you want to learn the science behind not just  getting a guy to commit to you but creating a loving relationship that lasts, it is time to invest in my program. I can teach you the skills that can change the direction of your life. 

International Clientele

I work with all types of women.

Women in their early 20s to women in their 70s. 

Women who have barely dated, to women  who have five dates a week. 

Women who are currently in serious  relationships but don’t know how to fix them or take them to the next level. 

Women who have been in very toxic  relationships or had traumatic experiences like sexual abuse. 

Women who just gotten out of marriages that were lifeless or soul crushing, and have the guts to search for love again.

I even work with men! 

Yep, men love learning about science and want to get the skills to be awesome at love, too! 

What all my clients share is a desire to learn  how to do things differently, and how to stop wasting time and start building the life of their dreams with the right person.

Based on Science

My program is quite different than what is on the market today. Many coaches  concentrate on how to get a “player” guy to like you, or how to act mysterious, “feminine,” and wait until he asks you about commitment. 

For the record, I think both of these strategies end in disaster when it comes to long-term, loving relationships. 

If a man is a player, he is immature and lacks the ability to fall in love in a deep and  meaningful way. 

And waiting until after your marriage to reveal your true self is the worst bait and switch plan that ends in divorce. 

If you want a real relationship, you need to be your real self. 

In my program based on science, I teach you the things you need to know in many  common relationship situations such as how to state your needs in a way that makes him happy to please you, or how to increase the sexual tension and not fall into a rut. 

Most people make the mistake of not learning, and not investing in love. They put way  too much emphasis on finding the right person and not enough on learning how to be in a healthy relationship. 

The Truth Is Every Relationship Is Tested By Life Challenges.

How you react to stress determines the strength of your bond with your partner. If you have unhealthy habits of dealing with uncomfortable feelings or issues, you can repel your partner. If you have healthy, mature habits, you can foster love even in the most difficult of times. 

Some people get married to the right person and then watch their marriage slowly  disintegrate and are left feeling resentful and angry. They seek a marriage counselor to help save their marriage, but the couple has so much negative history by that point that it is hard to learn the necessary skills and forgive at the same time. 

That is why I love working with single people... it is so easy to take the information you would have learned with a marriage counselor and give you these skills BEFORE a relationship faces consequences. I help you build a healthy marriage that starts from your first date and that is why it lasts. 

Find Him This Year!

Don’t let another year go by without investing  in love. 

You deserve to feel this amazing gift of  spending the rest of your life with a husband  you adore. 

You deserve to share your dreams with an  incredible person who deeply loves and respects you. 

For many of you reading this, it might sound  like a fantasy to be in this type of relationship and most my clients felt like that, too, before taking my program. 

Let me show you how to create a soulmate type love that is based on science.

Don’t waste another day without the  knowledge and expertise that my program provides, based on years of scientific research about what makes love last a lifetime.. 
I work with all types of women.

Women in their early 20s to women in their  late 50s. 

Women who have barely dated, to women  who have five dates a week. 

Women who are currently in serious  relationships but don’t know how to fix them or take them to the next level. 

Women who have been in very toxic  relationships or had traumatic experiences like sexual abuse. 

Women who just gotten out of marriages that
were lifeless or soul crushing, and have the
guts to search for love again.

I even work with men! 

Yep, men love learning about science and want to get the skills to be awesome at love, too! 

What all my clients share is a desire to learn  how to do things differently, and how to stop wasting time and start building the life of their dreams with the right person.

Ready to Get Started?
The Dating to Get Married program is 10 weeks long. Each week, you learn a  different skill to create a meaningful relationship. 

Week 1: Introduction to Soulmate Love

This week, I introduce the Methodology of Dating to Get Married and why it is so  successful in creating loving  relationships. Get pumped up about the class by defining your own version of soulmate love you want to find this year! 
  • Discover the real purpose of dating and why every date, even bad dates, helps you find soulmate love.
  • Understand why so many people have found love using this program… the methodology of Dating to Get Married.
  • Learn what my most successful clients do to find their soulmate in less than six months.
  • ​Create your own definition of soulmate love with my powerful meditation; visualize and feel what it would be like to be in an amazing loving relationship with someone you trust and desire.

Dating Exercise:

Step-by-step instructions on how to find high quality dates with men ready for commitment. This skill greatly increases both the quantity and quality of men you date.

Week 2: Love, Attraction, and Chemical Reactions

In this section, you will learn the science of how love works, the chemical reactions  within your brain, and the scientifically proven way people fall in love. Learn how to attract good people and repel toxic jerks. 
  • Discover the three stages of love and the chemical reactions that drive your feelings of desire, attraction, and connection.
  • Find out the top eight personality types to avoid if your goal is to get married.
  • Master new dating habits to repel toxic guys. These same skills also attract high quality men and foster a healthy relationship. By simply changing your habits, good guys will like you and bad guys will run away. Double win!
  • ​Finally, get your past toxic boyfriends out of your thoughts and dating patterns.

Dating Exercise:

Learn what to do on a first date that can increase the  connection and spark with a good person. Identify the three traits that men who want commitment display on dates. 

Week 3: Family Influence

Discover how your childhood shaped the formation of your brain and what you  consider love to feel and look like. Understand from a scientific perspective how to take control of your brain and really get what you want in terms of a soulmate love.
  • Listen to the three different psychological theories on how your childhood influences the type of romantic relationship you create as an adult.
  • Learn how your brain formed and why childhood memories are so powerful in shaping your reality about love.
  • Discover the neuroscience about “rewiring your brain” to be more open for love.
  • ​Uncover the 10 ways to boost the neurotransmitter that increases your feelings of love and reduces sensations of pain.
  • ​Understand why you are so deeply attracted to certain negative personality types and learn how to break that pattern.

Dating Exercise:

This skill helps you develop trust and intimacy on dates in a  healthy, natural way. It also helps you understand who likes you and is worthy of your time and attention. You can also identify, very quickly, men who aren’t that serious about you.

Week 4: Automatic thoughts

The first person you should love is yourself. It is the key to sustaining a healthy loving  relationship with another person that lasts a lifetime. This section shows you how to do that by mastering your internal dialogue and negative thoughts. This is one of the most powerful lessons I teach in the program and it creates a permanent increase in 
your level of happiness… this statement is based on multiple client surveys over several  years. 
  • Master your negative thoughts about dating, your self-worth, and your ability to find a life-long, loving partner. Identify what you keep telling yourself that is sabotaging your ability to form a loving connection with someone.
  • Defeat the “I am not good enough to get what I want” lie. Discover a process for replacing vague statements that are difficult to prove with concrete, actionable, logical ideas for solving your problems.
  • Understand how the brain stores memories and alters these memories based on your current mood.
  • ​Discover the link between your mood and how you interpret your partner’s actions and the quality of the relationship.
  • ​Understand the link between your mood and your ability to feel love. I am talking about neuroscience and the physical ability for your brain to recognize and feel love.
  • ​Break the cycle of bad moods for good with these simple, self-soothing techniques.  If you overreact, cry easily, stuff your emotions, go numb, or act impulsively (like overeat to compensate for a bad mood), you will greatly appreciate these fast-acting techniques that calm the mind. I know this sounds very “new agey,” but if you are the type of person who gets overwhelmed by your emotions, these techniques are life altering. By mastering this skill, you master yourself.
A lot of stuff “comes up” when you start dating someone special. This section gives you a big tool set to deal with fear, self-worth, upset feelings, anger, feeling not “enough,”  worry about something you did wrong, and so much more. These skills work in a variety of situation, hence why people feel happier, but I have tailored them specifically to help you create an amazing love with your partner. 

Side note: This is what I learned after being raped and what helped me get back to “a  normal life” again. I understand what it feels like to have so much pain you can’t stop crying. It is my greatest honor to teach this method of self-soothing and logical thought that heals the pain of the deepest wounds. After my clients “get this,” I see huge growth in all areas of their lives… it is like a huge weight has been lifted and they just soar! 

Dating Exercise:

Capture your negative thoughts on dates to better analyze and  replace them with more practical, logical thoughts that serve your best interest. Learn how to get into a mood that is conducive for love. Master the energy you bring to the date.

Week 5: Toxic People and Good Boundaries

Good boundaries are essential for healthy relationships to flourish, but most people  struggle with how to effectively set limits, say no, or get their needs met without causing a fight with their partner. It never feels good when your partner ignores you, calls you selfish, or acts defensively when you are trying to communicate what you want and need to feel loved. You give up asking for help, do it yourself, and feel resentful. There is a better way… 
  • Discover the 13 signs that indicate you may have boundary issues.
  • Understand the toxic relationship cycle… how a toxic partner hooks and uses you and the science behind why it is so tough to walk away.
  • Learn the eight behaviors that indicate someone is trying to dominate and use you. When in doubt, say this one sentence to see if your partner is toxic.
  • ​Study the 7 amazing benefits of healthy boundaries.
  • ​Explore how to effectively communicate “no” in multiple types of relationships – your family, friends, and romantic partner. I give specific phrases to reclaim your power and affirm the relationship at the same time. You can say “no,” and it doesn’t have to start a fight.
  • ​Pursue seven specific actions to do to keep your sanity when interacting with a toxic family member or someone you cannot avoid.

Dating Exercise:

Learn how to set a standard and boundaries on dates. Feel  comfortable asking for what you want and getting your needs met by someone special.

Week 6: Fear

Now, it is time to take a deep dive into mastering fear. We revisit several concepts  from Week 4 about brain chemistry and the body’s physical response as we dive deeper concentrating on fear. One of the hardest parts of finding love is allowing yourself to be fully open and vulnerable to accept love from a healthy person. This section 
focuses on how to master fear and get what you want out of life.
  • Learn why fear sucks at keeping you safe or solving difficult problems. Learn what parts of the brain are activated in fear and how to switch to the problem-solving executive function portion of the brain through physical techniques.
  • Discover the eight phases of the fear and anxiety cycle. Discover eight methods for effectively breaking this cycle.
  • ​Bringing it all together- understand how the brain neural pathways (Week 2 and 3), automatic thoughts (Week 4), and the nervous system autonomic state (Week 6), all work together and influence your perception of reality. Learn how to become open and receptive to love.
  • ​Understand what to do if you or your partner has had a traumatic life event.

Dating Exercise:

Learn how to tell an authentic vulnerable story with your  partner. Feel more comfortable opening up and being vulnerable with your partner as you share your values and true self. Feel comfortable with your date opening up to you and trusting you in a deep way. 

Week 7: Self Care

When you treat yourself well, you role model how your partner should treat you.   A good self-care routine also creates happy memories with your partner which builds resilience for when you fight. Self-care can also help your brain get comfortable with intimacy and receiving pleasure from your partner. Most woman have issues carving 
out time, making it a routine, or limit their self-care options to a massage and call it a  day. This section gives you tons of ideas of how to incorporate self-care into your daily life, making it habit and a priority.  

Start practicing self-care now, before you get a boyfriend, and make it part of your weekly routine to increase your openness to intimacy and love. By loving yourself, your brain becomes more open to the sense of safety and good feelings love can bring. This is critical for all people, but especially those who experienced sexual trauma or toxic  relationships. 
  • A comprehensive list of 34 self-care options that you can implement weekly. Of the 34 self-care ideas, 20 are free, and many can be done in less than five minutes.
  • Learn how to relax and feel pleasure without it feeling scary or wrong. It is ok to invest in your happiness.
  • ​Learn to take charge of your life and do the critical things to maintain your health and physical well-being.
  • ​Understand the connection between practicing self-care, being happy, and experiencing great sex.
  • ​Discover why self-care builds resilience and makes fighting with your partner less painful.

Dating Exercise:

Identify three self-care activities to do on a weekly basis to  increase your openness to love. 

Week 8: Fighting in a way that fosters love and intimacy

I know many people may think of fighting as a sign a couple is not doing well. The truth  is every couple fights, but how you fight makes the difference in whether you stay together or break up. Fighting is also an amazing opportunity to get to know your partner on a much deeper level. In this section, I show you a process for falling more deeply in love as you work through conflict. This is a critical skill if you want to get married. 
  • Discover my five steps to resolving conflict with your partner that build trust and confidence. Understand your partner’s values and methods for solving problems.   Work effectively together to resolve issues by leveraging each other’s skills and respecting each other’s differences.
  • ​Master your anger button. Before you even get into a relationship, learn how to reduce triggers and be less angry about life’s challenges and struggles. When in a relationship, learn what you can do to build resilience and reduce hostility and anger. Discover solutions to common arguments that couples have.
  • ​Uncover why most people get divorced or cheat… the four signs the relationship will end soon.
  • ​Understand why it is a gift that your partner makes you angry and discover productive tactics to manage that anger.
  • ​Learn how your family influences what you fight about or what makes you upset and angry.
  • ​Understand the link between setting boundaries and reducing your anger and resentment.
  • ​Understand why effectively fighting with your partner is one of the best ways to build intimacy, trust, and love in a relationship. It helps you develop the confidence that together you can take on life’s challenges, which is one of the main reasons he asks you to marry him!

Dating Exercise:

Practice this new method of fighting with someone you love  and trust, such as a good friend. Perfect the method so you are ready to use it for when you are in love with a good person. The fighting skills work in all types of relationships such as with family, friends, co-workers, etc, but are essential to master for a long-term healthy, romantic relationship. 

Week 9: Sex & Intimacy

What makes a romantic relationship different from a friendship….? Great Sex! This  section is all about how to connect physically with someone you love and trust. I also talk about vulnerability, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal, and physical touch.
  • Discover your thoughts and feelings about sex that act as a barrier to feeling pleasure.
  • ​Understand how your physical health plays a strong role in sexual arousal and fertility.
  • ​Discover the surprising benefits of sharing your sexual fantasies with your partner .
  • ​Learn how to magnify physical pleasure instantly, even in long-term relationships that are in a sexual rut.
  • ​Understand how internet porn affects the male brain and what it means to their ability to keep an erection.
  • ​Learn how to prevent cheating and how to address sexual addiction.
  • ​Discover my 10 ways to connect sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy to dramatically heat up not only your sex life, but your overall bond with your partner, which is a much deeper level of connection than most people feel in a relationship.

Dating Exercise:

Have sex… just kidding. Choose from five different activities  that are all PG-13 that increase physical attraction on a date.  All activities link physical pleasure and emotional intimacy. 

Week 10: Visioning

Want to spend of the rest of your life with someone? What would that life look like?  This section helps you plan for your future with your partner. At this point if you have mastered the previous relationship skills, you don’t need to ask if he wants a relationship with you, you already know he is in love with you. You chose a good guy ready for commitment, built trust over time, set boundaries, opened up about you and your partner’s values and character, had fun self-care dates together, had your first fight and learned more about your partner in the process, and had great sex (or something that was physically satisfying and in line with your core values). Now, it is time to imagine what sharing your life with this person would look like… I mean verbally with him.
  • Define your version of happily ever after. What do you need in your life to feel happy?
  • ​Create goals in these nine categories with your partner that give direction to your life together.
  • ​Learn how to support your partner in achieving his goals and how to react if his goals freak you out. Understand how to balance different risk tolerances as a couple.
  • ​Learn why supporting each other through life’s ups and downs is one of the strongest ways to bond a marriage and fall more deeply in love.

Dating Exercise:

Talk about a future plan with your date. Choose from 10 ideas of  things to share that are appropriate for the time you have known him.
Ready to Get Started?
In 10 weeks, I can help you learn the skills to develop an amazing soulmate love.

Get the roadmap to creating a love that lasts a lifetime

The thing I like most about my job is seeing my clients transform.  I really enjoy working one-on-one with someone who wants a loving relationship and is receptive to changing her thoughts and behaviors to reach her ultimate goal of falling in love.  
I am going to be honest with you….

I really like working with people who put in the effort to change.    The fact that you read this entire webpage, tells me a lot about your character and your investment in self-improvement. 

I am limiting the number of people who can take the course to concentrate on their transformation.  I find that a combination of private coaching combined with my online program produces the greatest results.
Here are all the things you will get by signing up for the course:

Online Course

More than 30 hours of video content delivered over 10 weeks on the scientifically proven method to create soulmate love – see course syllabus above.  This includes video lessons, journal exercises, meditations, emotional calming exercises, and date exercises.  Get everything you need to fall in love with a great person who is ready for commitment.  Get the love you desire most and learn how to fall deeper in love for a lifetime.


Private Coaching

2 private, one-on-one calls where we can dive into your specific plan to fall in love and get married to an amazing person. I work with you directly to discover the root of the issue.  Hearing your story is sacred... the heart of who you are.  I understand the need to be compassionate and encouraging when it comes to sensitive matters.  I use my own experiences in healing from trauma to produce transformative results for my clients. 


Group Class

Meet other people taking the course! Practice the skills together and connect with a community of like-minded people who value love and commitment. Group sessions include both men and women. Hearing others ask questions and share their experiences is enlightening and healing. Four live group Zoom calls are included with this package.   All calls are on Sundays at 6:00 PM Central and occur every three weeks from the start of the course.  Click on any of the "register for the class" pink buttons to see specific dates.


Bonus Content

  • First Date Check List
  • ​Dating Habits That Attract People Ready For Commitment And Repel Toxic, Manipulative People Handout
  • ​Overcoming The Most Toxic Thoughts About Dating Meditation
  • ​10 Easy Things To Shut Down Toxic People Cheatsheet
  • ​Planning Your Life With Your Soulmate Workbook
And so much more... If you liked this website, you will love these easy printouts that help you learn the course content faster!


Special Offer

Excellent idea! As a special thank you for reading this long webpage , when you sign up before September 15th, I will take $245 off the cost of the program. That's 10 weeks of an amazing transformative online course, private coaching, group class, and bonus content.....

all for $575.00

(save $245)

Just Remember... You Are Not Stuck!

You can learn new skills to greatly increase your chances of not only finding love, but sustaining those soulmate love feelings between you and your partner for a lifetime. 

Science explains our brain chemistry, physical state, and our body's ability to be open and receptive to love. In my course, I will teach you things you can do to increase the feelings of connection in both you and your partner. 

I will also teach you relationship skills based on 30 years of research of 1000s of happy couples. In other words, I'll show you what works... the common theme of successful relationships.   Don’t wait another year to get the answer to “Why am I single?”  Invest in yourself and make your desire for love a reality.  I get incredible results for a reason… my stuff is based on science and it works.

I want you to be my next raving fan!  I want you to invite me to your wedding!

Here is what you should do next to start this journey with me…. Click below and let’s begin!!
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